About Jay King

Over 20 years ago, owner, designer and host Jay King began his lifelong jewelry
journey by selling  Native American designs to help pay his way through school.
He  later  became a  host  on  HSN for a  show  called “Santa Fe Silver.”   After
experiencing  quite  a  success,  he  continued to sell the southwestern designs 
and  later began to create his own line. Within his designs he wanted to offer the
stone  wonders  of  the  world he found while traveling. This line, “Mine Finds by
Jay King,”  has  become  one of  HSN’s most popular shows. As a stone hound
master designer,  Jay has  helped introduce new stones to the retail public. 
"I love what I do. Every day is an adventure; it is amazing what nature provides
for us.  If you just stop for a moment and imagine what beauty may lie beneath
a  rocky surface  or otherwise mundane looking formation,  the possibilities are
endless.  I  am blessed to pursue my passions while feeding my soul.”